Polyurethane Composite Sheet Pile

Wolf Sheet Pile Series WR-532 is a polyurethane composite sheet pile, designed with four times the joint strength of any lightweight counterparts.

Designed specifically for use in groundwater containment systems, the Wolf Sheet Pile Series WR-532 polyurethane composite is a pure blend of polyol and isocyanate.

The high fiber volume fractions associated with the high pressure injection polyurethane manufacturing process permitted us to decrease the wall thickness which resulted in significant weight reduction.

The manufacturing process involves high pressure injection of a two-part urethane resin system. The high pressure injection process allows for superior fiber “wet out” and reduced void content. The complete fiber wet out combined with the superior resin properties equates to structural performance previously unheard of in the structural composite pultrusion industry.

Benefits of WR-532 Polyurethane Composite Sheet Pile

  • Lighter and more economical profiles can be manufactured due to the strength advantages.
  • Superior joint strength to any lightweight counterparts
  • Reduced porosity
  • Low water absorption
  • Thermal conductivity is reduced with thinner wall sections
  • Higher specific strength and stiffness

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Download WR-532 specification sheet

WR-532 drawing

The superior strength of the polyurethane resin allows for a lighter, thinner design, making for easier transportation and installation.

The Wolf Sheet Pile Series WR-532 polyurethane composite sheet pile withstands high toxicity levels.  The exceptional joint design is intended for use with either hydrophilic sealant or our patented Viton seal to achieve low permeability vertical barrier wall solutions.

To keep the sheets aligned and perpendicular when driving, the WR-532 sheet pile is installed using a mandrel.

The Wolf Sheet Pile Series WR-532 can be used with our proprietary Sure Seal Technology monitoring system for the most reliable quality assurance in the industry.

Wolf Remediation Ltd composite sheet pile solutions offer an alternative to conventional materials and have a wide range of uses. With a high strength to low weight ratio, composite sheet piling affords easier handling, more economical shipping, lower maintenance on installation, and a longer life-span. An environmentally sensitive solution with no compromise.