Polyester Composite Sheet Pile

Wolf Sheet Pile Series WR-1432 is a polyester composite sheet pile, designed and manufactured specifically for heavy duty vertical barrier applications. This product offers a cost effective, long term and low maintenance solution for vertical barrier systems.

Manufactured with fiberglass and high strength resins, the combination produces a superior, highly corrosion resistant sheet pile, engineered to stand the test of time.

Commonly installed with a vibratory hammer, the Wolf Sheet Pile Series WR-1432 has excellent structural properties, making it the ideal contender to conventional steel sheet pilings.

Benefits of WR-1432 Polyester Composite Sheet Pile

  • Highly corrosion resistant, environmentally sensitive material
  • Life-expectancy exceeds most other containment system materials
  • Strong, durable, and abrasion resistant
  • Structural integrity allows for tie-back systems
  • Compatible with abnormal pH levels, and resistant to acids, salts, non-aqueous phase liquids and other corrosive chemicals

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Download WR-1432 specification sheet

WR-1432 drawing

With a high strength to low weight ratio, Wolf Sheet Pile Series WR-1432 gives easier handling and more economical shipping than conventional steel sheet piles. Low maintenance offers a pricing advantage over the life-span of the project.

Combined with either hydrophilic sealant or our patented Viton seal, the Wolf Sheet Pile Series WR-1432 is intended to achieve low permeability vertical barrier wall solutions, with proper installation.

Wolf Sheet Pile Series WR-1432 can be used with our proprietary Sure Seal Technology monitoring system for the most reliable quality assurance in the industry.

Wolf Remediation Ltd composite sheet pile solutions offer an alternative to conventional materials and have a wide range of uses. With a high strength to low weight ratio, composite sheet piling affords easier handing, more economical shipping, lower maintenance on installation, and a longer life-span. An environmentally sensitive solution with no compromise.