Product BrochureFRP composite sheet piling has been specially designed as an alternative to conventional steel sheet piling. Composite sheet piling does not degrade over time, making it a more environmentally sensitive solution and, with a longer lifespan than conventional materials, can present a huge opportunity to make project cost savings.

Used over the last decade in thousands of commercial and private projects, composite sheet pilings are the strongest and most durable synthetic piling products in the world. Affording reasonable upfront material costs, lower maintenance upon installation, and a longer life-span than alternative materials, composite sheet pilings offer an environmentally sensitive solution with no compromise. With a high strength to low weight ratio, composite sheet piling provides easier handling and more economical shipping giving a pricing advantage over conventional steel sheet barrier methods.

Our FRP composite sheet piling is manufactured by Creative Pultrusions Inc. using the latest pultrusion technologies. Glass reinforcements, in the form of roving and mats, are pulled into the heated pultrusion die in a continuous process. Resin is injected under high pressure to saturate the fibers, and cured in a process known as polymerization. The pultruded profiles leave the die in a solid state. The hardened result has incredible strength.

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