Berm Wall Liner for Goldcorp Cochenour Project

Located 535 km northwest of Thunder Bay in Northern Ontario, Red Lake has been home to a mining community since the discovery of gold there in 1926. In 2014, Goldcorp, owners of the Red Lake Mine, began the Cochenour Project to open a new site just south of the old Cochenour Mine site, which ceased production in 1971.

As part of their ongoing expansion of the Red Lake mines, Goldcorp contracted Wolf Remediation Ltd to supply and install a berm wall lliner solution for the future tailings pond.

Project Scope

Designed to prevent any seepage of copper sulphides from the tailings pond once operational, the berm wall liner solution comprised a vinyl sheet pile wall, placed within the man-made berm wall.

22,650sqft of vinyl sheet piling was placed, using a combination of 30ft and 40ft long sheets, each sheet being 2.5ft in width.

Hydrophilic sealant was applied by hand to the vinyl sheet piles prior to installation to achieve a low permeability rating of no less than 10-10 cm/sec. Cleaning shoes were used during the driving process to protect the cured joints.

Overcoming Challenges

The biggest challenge for the Red Lake job presented during the driving process.

The first sheets were driven using a conventional chisel style mandrel.

Two major challenges needed to be overcome:

  • Difficulty in penetrating the densely packed sands at Red Lake, slowing down construction
  • The arcing motion of the chisel shape created a cavity between the sand and the mandrel

In solution, the technicians at Wolf Remediation Ltd developed the Spearhead Mandrel to complete the project. This proprietary design could penetrate the densely packed sands, and maintain the perpendicular angle needed for the drive.

Wolf Remediation Ltd composite sheet pile solutions offer an alternative to conventional materials and have a wide range of uses. With a high strength to low weight ratio, composite sheet piling affords easier handling, more economical shipping, lower maintenance on installation, and a longer life-span. An environmentally sensitive solution with no compromise.