Vinyl sheet piles in wall for Dasserat Lake

The Dasserat Lake Dam project used vinyl sheet piles to replace the existing rusted out steel sheet dam wall.

Dasserat Lake is located in Northwestern Quebec, Canada, the closest town being Rouyn-Noranda. With its many islands, bays, shoals and other water features, the lake system is a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts.

To protect this ecosystem, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) actively engage in environmental programs designed to reduce the footprint of their operations in the area. OPG’s watershed management programs balance the energy production requirements with environmental, commercial and recreational needs within a watershed.

Project Scope

Two hundred Vinyl sheet piles at Dasserat Lake Dammiles downriver from the main hydroelectric power generation station, the Dasserat Lake Dam project focused on replacing the existing dam wall.

Constructed of steel sheet pile, the existing dam wall was installed around one end of the Dasserat Lake Dams, designed to retain the desired hydraulic levels. Over time, it had rusted out in places, causing leaks and flooding in some parts, and lowering water table levels in the area. OPG decided to replace this existing steel sheet pile barrier with a solution that would;
• achieve low permeability to maintain acceptable levels in the water table
• have a longer lifespan than conventional steel sheet
• conform to OPG’s mandate of environmental sensitivity and cost efficiency

Sheet Piling Solution

Wolf Remediation Ltd installed 22060sqft of vinyl sheet piles barrier wall. With hydrophilic sealant applied to the joints prior to installation, the barrier wall was designed to achieve a permeability rate of no less than 10-10 cm/sec.

For this project, vinyl sheet piles were determined to have a lifespan many times greater than that of steel as vinyl does not corrode with exposure to the elements.

To prevent any strain on the vinyl sheet piles during the driving process, a mandrel was used for installation. The mandrel embraces the sheet piling until the desired depth in reached, ensuring integrity throughout the driving process.


Wolf Remediation Ltd composite sheet pile solutions offer an alternative to conventional materials and have a wide range of uses.  With a high strength to low weight ratio, composite sheet piling affords easier handling, more economical shipping, lower maintenance on installation, and a longer life-span.  An environmentally sensitive solution with no compromise.