Choosing the Right Sealant

The weakest point of any barrier wall is the joint connections. Failure to recognize the appropriate sealant, and understand specific application techniques, can lead to disaster.

Wolf Remediation Ltd goes to great lengths to ensure that this doesn’t happen. With our 16+ years of experience, we have developed a strong understanding of;
• Sealant compatibility with ground soil conditions
• Application of sealant to conform with the joint structure
• Protection of the seal during installation


Hydrophilic Sealant

Wolf Remediation Ltd use a single component gun-grade hydrophilic water-stop sealant. Solvent free, with hand precision applicationgood chemical resistance, the hydrophilic sealant adapts to irregular surfaces and can expand to more than 200% of original cured volume.

To ensure the highest level of impermeability achievable on expansion, the hydrophilic bead is placed with hand precision using custom machined applicators. Protection from uncontrolled moisture reactions while curing and storing is critical. During sheet pile installation, acute care is taken to preserve the integrity of the sealant from dirt and friction damage with the use of a cleaning shoe.

Viton Seal

Wolf Remediation Ltd have a sealing system using high-grade Viton with the ability to remain impermeable and resistant to aggressive fluid environments. Used with our FRP composite sheet piles, our patented Viton Seal design can achieve hydraulic permittivity of 10-11 cm/sec.

Applied to each joint, the Viton seal uses friction on installation to ensure no openings are created.

Wolf Remediation Ltd ppatented viton sealroprietary Viton Seal is designed for use in extreme conditions within contaminated soils and waters. Viton is compatible with hydrocarbons and is one of the only materials trusted to withstand the DNAPL family of harsh contaminants.

Combining Wolf Remediation Ltd sealing techniques with our patented Sure Seal Technology monitoring system gives peace of mind reassurance that integrity of the joint has been maintained.