Quality Assurance Monitoring System

Wolf Remediation Ltd’s patented electronic monitoring system is the newest technology for quality assurance in composite sheet piling barrier walls.

An engineer’s biggest fear is always, what if the barrier doesn’t work?
…knowing exactly what is going on underground
…having eyes in the ground as the containment wall is installed
…being able to stop construction and fix any separations before going any further

This patented system by Wolf Remediation Ltd offers the newest technology in the world for monitoring FRP composite sheet piling connecting joints.

sure seal technologySure Seal Technology Monitoring

Sure Seal Technology is a patented electronic monitoring system by Wolf Remediation Ltd. This system offers the newest technology in the world for monitoring sheet piling connecting joints as they are driven into the ground.

While driving any sheet piling into the ground, it is well known that the sheets can encounter boulders, or other subsurface objects, invisible from drill and testing holes. These hidden obstacles can cause the sheet joints to separate, or become “unzippered”. This eliminates the seal and compromises the integrity of the vertical barrier. However, this impairment is underground and therefore, unseen. Damage realization is usually at a future point, once the containment barrier fails making it necessary to carry out remedial work on the barrier itself.

The Wolf Remediation Ltd Sure Seal Technology monitoring system ensures immediate detection of separation, allowing for any deficiency to be rectified when it happens.

‘Eyes in the ground’ reassurance

The patented Sure Seal Technology system is engineered to monitor the joints through a series of detection points, which signal to a receiver on contact. Simultaneously, the sealant is scrutinized to ensure it moves at the same rate as the sheet pile is being driven.

This electronic monitoring system allows key personnel on installation sites to have visual and log data recorded on each sheet connection. Our technicians monitoring the installation are notified immediately if the sheets have separated, allowing for the situation to be remedied at that point – not after the wall has been completed and leakage detected.

Simply put, this patented system gives ‘eyes in the ground’ reassurance.
• Real time data acquisitions
• Precise Accuracy

Wolf Remediation Ltd has spent over a decade assessing how to monitor what is happening underground when installing in-situ low permeability wall barriers. Used with our composite sheet pilings we firmly believe our patented Sure Seal Technology is the answer, and offers the highest level of quality assurance and quality control in the world.

Wolf Remediation Ltd Sure Seal Technology monitoring system, in conjunction with our sealing techniques, represents a commitment to providing the highest level of service. We would be happy to discuss how Sure Seal Technology can provide you with project ease of mind.