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Meeting your needsWhite River composite installation

Wolf Remediation Ltd offers a comprehensive cut-off wall installation service based on 16+ years of experience. With over 250,000 sq ft of installations, we provide a knowledgeable and experienced team for your installation. We will support your project from design stage consultation through installation of your sheet piling wall.

Our sheet piling solutions are often used in projects where other material options have failed.

Our services include;
• Supply and installation of the Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite Sheet Pilings
• Sealing sheet joints to achieve low permeability
• Monitoring installation with our patented Sure Seal Technology providing data to verify sheet piling joints remain together during installation
Spearhead Mandrel Technology for installation of lighter weight composite sheet
• Adaptive design solutions to ensure the installation meets your requirements

expertise and qualityCut-Off Wall installation specialists

Engineers choose Wolf Remediation Ltd for a number of reasons;
• Over 16 years experience in groundwater containment systems
• We recognize that each project has unique requirements
• Our team of experts work with you to ensure the solution meets your requirements
• No degradation of our FRP Composite sheet piles ensures integrity over its lifespan
• Our Hydrophilic or Viton sealants are compatible with all groundwater contaminants to achieve low permeability
• Permeability tests are conducted by independent labs
• FRP composite is 75% lighter than similar steel sheet pile, reducing freight costs and leaving a smaller carbon footprint
• Our patented Sure Seal Technology monitoring system provides the most reliable quality assurance in the business

When it comes to cut-off and containment walls, some of our best work can’t be seen.

Read more about Our Projects to see how Wolf Remediation Ltd can help with your installation.

Service Information

Wolf Remediation Ltd has built a reputation as North America’s leading specialists in groundwater containment system installation through the quality of our work and the products we use. To ensure we deliver the best installation for your project, we use the best technology and materials currently available, in our opinion.

Viton Seal for FRP Composite Sheet Piling


The weakest point of any barrier wall is the joint connections. Failure to recognize the appropriate sealant, and understand specific application techniques, can lead to disaster

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Composite Sheet Piling

Composite Sheet Piling

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite has been specially designed as an alternative to conventional steel sheet piling.

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Sure Seal Technology

This patented system by Wolf Remediation Ltd offers the newest technology in the world for monitoring FRP composite sheet piling connecting joints.

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Vinyl Sheet Piling Work

Spearhead Technology Mandrel

With the use of our Spearhead Technology Mandrel, lighter weight composite sheet piles can be inserted to depths of 50 ft plus with no damage to the sheets.

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