Enabling Lighter Weight Sheet Piling Installation

Spearhead Technology Mandrel

With the use of our Spearhead Technology Mandrel, lightweight composite sheet piles can be inserted to depths of 50 ft plus with no damage to the sheets.

Driving any sheet piling material to significant depths is a challenmandrel in actionging task. Add difficult soil conditions and the task becomes more problematic. To combat this, Wolf Remediation Ltd have designed a Spearhead Mandrel, incorporating patented features to improve the installation of lightweight FRP composite sheet piling.

The Mandrel is designed to protect the sheet piles during the driving process, keeping them aligned and perpendicular. The patented features on the Wolf Remediation Ltd Spearhead Mandrel ensure the sheet piles maintain this perpendicular position throughout the drive, and enable easy release once the required depth has been reached.

The Spearhead Mandrel has been successfully used in many different driving conditions, and has enabled Wolf Remediation Ltd to install lightweight composite sheet piling in conditions where only steel has gone before.

The Spearhead Mandrel can be vibrated into the ground with driving apparatus including conventional cranes, large excavators, and ABI mobilram style equipment.

Benefits of the Spearhead Mandrel

The Spearhead Mandrel protects lighter weight sheet piles when driving them into the ground.

Made of ¾ inch sturdy plate steel, the Spearhead Mandrel can be used for most composite, fitting sheets of up to 32inch.

The proprietary design ensures consistent driving through tougher soils, such as sand, heavy earth, and gravels. Much the same as steel sheet pile, mandrels will not penetrate boulders or cobbles.

Wolf Remediation Ltd promote the Spearhead Mandrel for use in most soil conditions, when driving lighter weight sheets, keeping them aligned and perpendicular.