Time and again containment barrier systems can fail on installation. Without proper lubrication, friction can cause sealant rub off, burn out, and crushing, damaging the integrity of the seal. This in turn can affect barrier impermeability. The new Wolf Series line of composite sheet piles are designed to address this challenge with a built-in sealant protection channel, blocking side pressures that could damage the sealant.

Manufactured for Wolf Remediation Ltd by Creative Pultrusions Inc. using the latest pultrusion technologies, the new Wolf Series line of composite sheet piles offer strength and durability, without compromising on cost. Both sheet designs are intended for use in low permeability barrier wall installations.

The Wolf Sheet Pile Series WR-532 is a new polyurethane composite sheet pile, intended specifically for use in groundwater containment systems. An innovation in the industry, the WR-532 design has four times the joint strength of any lightweight counterparts. The superior polyurethane resin allows for a lighter, thinner sheet, giving the strength of a more robust material. And unlike vinyl, composite will not become brittle in punishing cold temperatures. Strength, durability and a life-expectancy exceeding most other containment system materials make this new sheet pile the toughest lightweight option on the market today.

The Wolf Sheet Pile Series WR-1432 is a polyester composite sheet pile with excellent structural properties, making it an ideal contender to conventional steel sheet. Designed and manufactured specifically for use in heavy duty vertical barrier installations, the WR-1432 is compatible with abnormal pH levels, and resistant to acids, salts, non-aqueous phase liquids and other corrosive chemicals. Highly corrosion resistant, the environmentally sensitive material offers a cost effective, long term, low maintenance solution.